We fully guarantee our bunnies and rabbits.  Please read on to discover our full range of services offered.


We are here to help you find the perfect companion for your family.  Maybe you have fallen in love with a certain color or you believe that your best companion will be a specific gender.  With our bunnies and rabbits, we go beyond the basics.  Each bunny we offer comes with a detailed description of their individual personality , including likes and dislikes.  It is just another way House of Ritter home raised and family loved companions are different from anything you will find anywhere else. 

Our Guarantee Includes:


The health of all of our rabbits and bunnies are guaranteed to be excellent upon their arrival to you when you pick up your companion directly from us.  If within 24 hours of pick up, something seems amiss, contact us immediately.  Often times stress from travel and changing environments causes new companions to feel overwhelmed. If you believe your new companion is ill, you have a full 72 hours to take them to the vet of your choice for a full inspection.  While we do not reimburse for veterinary costs, if a life threatening or life alternating illness or defect is found, we will take the bunny or rabbit back.  You will then have the option to chose another bunny or rabbit when one is available that is comparable to the costs of your initial purchase. 


We try our best to sex our youngest bunnies before they leave our home.  However, please understand that mistakes can happen with the little ones.  So while we will give you our best guess, mistakes occasionally happen! If you are set on one particular gender, please wait to purchase a bunny from us when he or she is closer to five months of age.  


All bunnies and rabbits come with a goodie bag to enjoy! This will include several days worth of food, hay, and treats to ease their transition into your home.  A birth certificate or adoption paper will also be included.


All bunnies and rabbits are groomed before leaving our home.  This will give you time to just enjoy your new family member.


We offer transportation services on a limited basis at this time.  We can travel about 1/2 hour from the Kansas City area to meet with you if you are traveling at a distance. Sometimes we are able to transport further depending on the time of year and our own personal work load. If you are working with a professional transporter, we can arrange to meet them just off of a major freeway to help them stay on schedule.  

Do you live near this area? Would you like to have your bunny or rabbit personally delivered? Birthday, anniversary, holiday surprise? Often times we can personally deliver your new companion to your home.  We can carry your new companion up to your front door in a basket, snuggled in a blanket, or hidden behind a big bow! All of this is included for an additional cost, but we can make it happen and truly delight you or your intended!


You have loved and cared for your new companion to the best of your ability, but then life happens.  A divorce, a life altererating event occurs, maybe a job loss.  If you find that you no longer can care for a House of Ritter bunny, keep your birth certificate handy and let us know.  We will do our best to either take your companion back into our home or help you find it a new home. 


Need more information? Please read our About Us section or send us an email today.


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