12/14/2020- Babies have just opened their eyes and have found their way out of the nest! Now getting back in is the question!


***Daphne had 4 beautiful babies, but the smallest one is already sold!


12/8/2020 - Time flies and bunnies quickly change.  Look at the coats that are coming through! The 3 babies in the current picture are available for love and companionship.


Daphne is a pure white albino Netherland Dwarf and will be paired once again with our very own Daisey, a broken blue, head to tail, double coated Lionhead.  These two produce beautiful fuzzy babies!! Some will be all poof & some will be smooth. No matter what they all stay small! Prices will range from $75 to $100 depending on eye colour (we may have some blue eyed beauties) and they will be ready to go at the end of January or we can hold them for Valentine's Day!

Netherland Dwarf Hybrids HAVE ARRIVED!!


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