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It's not easy being little. And when compared to other rescued animals, bunnies and piggies are some of the smallest needing our help.  We believe it is unfair for local animal shelters to require surrendering families to pay high fees, just to turn around charge another family high fees to adopt that same small animal.  These little rescues are often not cared for in the manner that they require and are kept in a very stressful environment. These reasons and more often force families to release their pets into the wild, give them away through free advertisements, or worse.  

This is why we started our rescue operations.  We know how to rehabilitate bunnies and piggies, and we know when one of our rescues can never be placed.  Don't worry because these "special" little ones are guaranteed love, care, and safety the rest of their lives at our Rabbitry.


Would you like to make a donation to our rescue operations? 

Would you like to contribute to a fund to help a child with a physical disability bring a bunny or piggie into their life?

Just reach out to us! We can send you a secure PayPal invoice anytime. Thank you for your generous support!

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Did you know that inclusion means breaking down societal barriers that keep everyone from fully participating in every day experiences?

We fully support those who are a part of the disabled community.  We are advocates, we are allies, and we understand what many families go through.  From the bottom of our hearts, we support your child!

It is our hope that if your child would like to invite a bunny or piggie into their lives, you will consider someone special from our Rabbitry.  We have something very special just for them.  It is our hope, that in some small way, we can bring a smile to their face and many years of love and joy from a House of Ritter Rabbitry companion.


Contact us at anytime for more information! 

Image by Danny Nee