The best part of your journey with us is the choosing of your new companion, or at least enjoying some bunny fun and rabbit antics!

  • Available Year Round
    Around the Country
    The Piggies Are Arriving
    Back by popular demand, THORR is bringing back our guinea pig breeding program.
  • Fall 2020 & Winter 2020
    Kansas City Area
    Fall & Winter 2020 breedings are occurring NOW!
    Please see "Our Families Members" page for an updated listing on who is expecting this up and coming season. We are expecting some beautiful babies! Holland Lops, Lionheads, English Angoras, and Fuzzies will be arriving soon. Get on our waiting list now! Email or text us today.
  • Ongoing
    through out the country
    Stuffed Bunnies are nice..
    But real bunnies cannot be beat! What makes our bunnies the tamest, most companion friendly buns around? It is our specialized treatment of them of course! Bunny massage, family time, high quality diets, and lots of love. We can help you take that loved on stuffed bunny to the next level!
  • Ongoing throughout the year
    Schools, Community Centers, Senior Centers
    Modified Meet & Greets Throughout the Community
    We love to show off our bunnies and rabbits and provide education about them throughout the community. We are available throughout the year to visit schools, community centers, senior citizen villages, rehabilitation facilities, children's hospitals, etc. We create unique experiences just for you!

Need more information? Please read our About Us section or send us an email today.


Located in the Heartland of America, Kansas

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