Meet the Family

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You know what? Bringing new bunnies in never gets old.  We have become a crazy bunny family, loving everyone that comes in and out of our home.  From our newest members, to the babies that come from that love, to the rescues our hearts cannot turn away.

House on meadow

Our Story

It started with a stuffed animal.


Then that turned into a real bunny named "Cutie" that dressed up in hats and gowns and  had tea parties with a little girl that loved it more than anything in the world.


Then that little girl's mom fell in love and brought in her own bunny in that became a Queen that lounged by the fireplace and ate pizza with the family on movie nights.


And now we have a Rabbitry that grows year after year...
So be forewarned.  Bunnies are addictive. 

Meet The Newest Bunnies
We decided to bring in some professionals

Our Clients
We believe everyone deserves the love of a bunny, and we are proud to be your Rabbitry of choice!

Image by Nathan Dumlao
Image by Nathan Boadle
Image by Alex Lujan
Image by Joe Hepburn
Image by National Cancer Institute